How Are We Listening?

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We know how good we are at talking…how about listening

Its a simple observation.  We have one mouth, two ears.  As my dad, and I’m sure countless of your elders have said, “that’s so we can listen twice as much as we talk.”  Is that the case with radio today?  Do we listen to our listeners enough?  Heck, do we listen at all.

There are three major elements in making a social media or web plan work for stations.  Adapting these three rules will make you more successful instantly.  You will increase engagement.  You will drive revenue growth.  You will likely drive ratings growth.  Just three simple steps stand between you and your digital success.   Here’s the first step that will put you ahead of more than half the stations in America.


Mark Ramsey has a great You Tube video talking about Steven Spielberg.  Mr. Spielberg, quite probably the most important movie director in history, gave Mark two minutes of his time at a busy, noisy, crowded party.  Two minutes of one on one concentrated time.  It could have been longer–probably would have been.  Mark tells how he lost Mr. Spielberg’s attention.  Watch carefully so you can understand the lesson behind this interaction.

Listening to our audience has always been at the heart of what we think we do in radio.  We are the reflection of our market, we say.  We play what you want, we say.  We focus our complete efforts to entertain and interest you, we say.

What utter bullshit.

We do it for revenue.  We do it for ratings.  We do it to keep our jobs.

Listening requires active participation on the part of the receiver.  We must want to hear and understand what our listeners say.  Social media provides us that avenue, but we must use it.  That’s where many fall short.  Here’s an example.

Anybody listening?

There was no response from the station.  We aren’t listening, we are broadcasting.  Broadcasting in social media is a waste of time.  Communicating and engaging is what social media does.  It isn’t broadcasting.   Its a different animal and one that requires expert help.

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