Jargon of Social Media

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Jargon.  The unique language used to indicate supreme command of the facts.  The words used by insiders who “get” it.  Like this: There are three strategies that you can implement today that will make an immediate measurable difference in the audience engagement of your digital strategy.  Now that’s a sentence loaded with jargon.  Sounds good, means little.

The jargon meets the road when it comes time to execute.  There ARE three strategies that will work for you.  They are simple.  They are easy.  Then there is an issue.  They require time and people.   We covered the first strategy, “Listening” in an early article.   Strategy number two.


Social media gives radio a chance to be old school again.  Remember, when we used to answer the phone.  Remember when it was fashionable to do live broadcasts–not table and tent “remotes”.  Now with social media, we have the chance to do those high touch programs again.  Only this time, it can be a bit more “one to many” versus “one to one.”   The problem comes in scaling the people and resources to listen.  On air staffs have been trained to think their job is talking over records and making funny observations.  Program Directors can’t keep up with the work they have.  While we may want to listen, we may even know how to listen, we don’t have the opportunity to respond.

Response is a critical function in social media.  Deepening the engagement is the reason for the time and energy spent in the social space.  Falling short of the engagement will be allowing your competition, I’m not talking about other stations, to clean your clock.  They put listening and response high on their parameters of importance.  We spent time playing Arbitron games in a business that has falling revenue and is seen by many advertisers as a waste of time and money.

Listen and respond will reinvigorate your on air sound.  It will improve your listener focus.  Your audience engagement levels will improve.  Your ability to defend your space against those who will take from you is enhanced.  All you have to do is listen and respond.

Pretty old school stuff for such a new technology.  The strategy for making it work is very different than answering the phone.  Getting a social media expert who also knows their way around AQH, Cume, TSL, ATE, CPP, etc is gold.

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