Power of Focus

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Pick out the favorite thing you do in your busy schedule. The one on which you would spend the MOST time on if you could. The ONE job function that you enjoy the most. If you had just that to do all day long, how good would you be at it? I’m not talking about glittering generalities like managing people, or going to meetings, or dreaming up promotions at a moments notice. Maybe it would be producing a world class music log. Writing outrageously fun and creative promos might be another. Calling artist management to set up great co-beneficial promotions for you and them could be a third.

How good would you be if that is all you did in the day? Quite a luxury. Radio today has become home of the jack of all trades personnel. Ultimate multitasking. Fifteen minutes a task is about all you have. Software programs are taking over tasks that used to be decided by “ears” only.

The work of building relationships with listeners deserves more time than a line item on the to do list. It deserves having a “meaningful specific” player on your side.

SRP focuses our full attention on Facebook and Twitter interactions for our clients. We monitor, respond, post, and engage listeners on behalf of our stations. We do more than just give you another set of ideas on how to make your station work better. We focus on doing the work too.

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  1. Hey! been surfing the net for and found your blog reg f Focus « Social Radio Pros. You relly know your stuff! I\’d like to see more posts here. Will definitely bookmark this one and come back.

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