Setting Your Online Goals

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We’ve all heard the admonition failing to plan is planing to fail. Its become part of the lexicon. We busily plan our numbers of “unique users” or “page views” or “streaming sessions” with the idea that we can influence those numbers on our sites. We scheme promotions and contests to drive numbers to the web site. We try to get huge numbers online, just like we “have” in the diary or PPM ratings world.


What is the end game we are working so furiously toward achieving? If you can’t identify it in one simple sentence or short paragraph, your goal is not only wrong, its completely missing in action.

Try this for an “on air ratings” goal statement.

Using a cume based strategy, we will increase our listener numbers by 15% in the next year. We will do this by attracting new listeners into the station by marketing into areas that we know are prime prospects for our business. Our increase in cume will result in ratings increases of 4% as we convert that cume to average quarter hour share, which improves our advertising rates we can charge. Assuming our sellout numbers remain constant, our efforts will cause a 10% revenue growth in the new year.

That pretty much lays it out. By the way, that’s a REAL statement taken from a station strategy session. We either look to add bodies, or improve retention and AQH (or ATE) to increase our ratings so we can charge advertisers more for our time.

Can you state your web goal that easily?

Is it eyeballs? (lord I hope not). Revenue? (what are you selling–why should I buy). Search engine rankings? (radio is beyond bad at SEO).

Or is it to have something to tell (and sell) clients when they ask about your digital strategy since everyone wants a digital strategy today.

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