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There is not enough time in the day to listen to all the social media “experts” ply their trade. Even funnier, is watching all the advertising agencies attempt to remake themselves as social experts. Its a matter of necessity. Money is moving to social media from advertising. Agencies are going where the money is and becoming “social media experts.”  Its a matter of survival.

Social media is really pretty simple.

Listen and respond. Engage and talk.

Here’s my view of the “ideal” way to structure social media in radio. This list is from the best practice to least.

  1. Dedicated staff person or persons from your staff, who’s entire job is to watch Facebook and Twitter and respond.
  2. Outsourced to a social media company who gets radio and its listeners and can act as your voice
  3. Have a staff member do it as an “add on” to their job as a talent, production, promotion person or all three
  4. Do it yourself among the other jobs you handle
  5. Do Nothing

What is your decision? In the next few days, each of the pros and cons of these positions will be covered. You can sit this one out, or you can jump in.

Please share this with your friends. Thanks.

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