Growth of Facebook stuns consumer researchers

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The recently completed CMA consumer study was abundantly clear in online attitudes. Three in five country music partisans go online and consume country music products. The biggest growth in consumption–Facebook.

Only 20 country music radio stations have any kind of significant presence on Facebook. One of the comments heard in the hallways of CRS was the concern that promotion of Facebook would take away from a station website. Daniel Anstandig, of McVay New Media, hammered this idea as highly incorrect. Anstandig has completed a large amount of testing on this idea. He commented that for every one person you send out of the site using social media, there are four new incoming users to your site.

Facebook growth in the comparison of the two studies showed growth of 40+% in just a little over a years time. Yet, even with all the growth, radio stations remain unconvinced of the power of social media. An issue that remains for the stations is the ability to consistently produce compelling content for web sites and for Facebook.

Facebook is where the traffic is. Most station web sites are “dead ends, or destinations.” Using Facebook effectively can grow your web sites and satisfy your core listeners. With the pressure on time and content, most stations are hamstrung by what to do next.

Using an experienced outside company who has Facebook expertise, allows stations to satisfy their core listeners at the lowest possible expense.


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