Getting Today’s Country Online In Your Facebook Automatically

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Here’s a great way to add Today’s Country Online country music news to your Facebook page every day without lifting a finger.

In about 5 minutes your Facebook page will have the best independent source of country music news available.   One of the problems is you are not allowed to take a RSS feed directly to Facebook.  Here’s the method thanks to

You’ll use the Social RSS automatically pull in updates from the Today’s Country Online blog  and display them as posts on your Fan Page.

  1. Go to the Social RSS page and click “Add to my page” link under the avatar in upper-left of page;
  2. In the popup window, select the page to which you want to add the application, the click “OK”;
  3. Go to the page to which you added the app, and click “Edit page” under the avatar;
  4. Scroll down to the Social RSS app, and click “Edit”
  5. In the Social RSS screen, you can enter one or more feeds, and set additional parameters.
  6. Here’s the feed information you’ll enter.

    Here’s the screen you’ll see when you enter your info

When you finish all your changes, click update at the bottom of the page, and you’re set.

via Adding RSS Feeds to Your Facebook Fan Page – Static FBML and 3rd-Party Apps | HyperArts


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