5 Power User Facebook Page Keys You Don’t Know

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Facebook is captivating to people for simple reasons.  Its easy to use.  There’s social proof of your friends being there.  The power of Facebook is hidden in its simplicity.

Another way to think of it.  How many people have you talked to whose friends have said they have a “voice for radio.”  Just ran into one the other day.  We all know its not just the voice, but the ability to communicate and entertain that makes a good talent.

Its the same with Facebook.  The ability to write a post and friend a few people does not make you a Facebook expert.  Content strategy considerations, SEO work, influencer identification and cultivation, and even paid advertising targets are all parts of making your Facebook page more than just a series of unrelated and uninteresting material.  The reason to be in social media is twofold.  One, cause your boss said your website has to grow.  Two, cause the money is moving to media that is ostensibly more able to be tracked than radio.

Maybe you are a power user of the world’s largest web site.  You know Facebook inside and out.  You can teach it.  Here are 5 of a series of 10 Power User Facebook Page Keys you probably don’t know–even as a power user.


10. Strengthen intra-Facebook reciprocal linking by getting fans to comment and like content in your stream.  So what’s the big deal here.  Get more links from your comments.  Why do you need that?  (and radio REALLY needs help here)  Its a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) play.  The more incoming links you get to your content the better your page ranks, increasing your Google position, and in turn your ability to be found.

9. Get more intra-Facebook inbound links by getting more Facebook fans.  Same premise as number ten.  Gathering fans is stage one.  Segmenting and identifying the key influencers is part two.

8. Get more inbound links to your Facebook Page from the web by posting links to your Page on all your websites.  Another SEO technique.  Google loves pages with lots of inbound links.  More inbound links, better search engine love.

7. Add photos with captions and events with descriptions.  Two things at work on this tip.  Number one.  NEVER post more than three photos in an album at once.  Facebook only displays three photos at a time.  If you have  more photos, spread them out.  Photos are the MOST shared items in the social graph.  Captions give you more, you guessed it, information for the search engines to find.  Most people don’t take the time for captions.  Events with descriptions, rather than just events, do the same thing.

6. Post direct links to your website (or other relevant sites) in your Page’s stream.  Here’s a BIG POWER tip that I see few stations doing.  This is the primary benefit of Facebook for your business.  Pull people to your website where you can monetize their activities.  Don’t just give Facebook the traffic to make Zuckerberg his money.  Think of the web site like you would the freeway in downtown LA or any big city.  There are LOTS of people here.  Your job is to help them find your off ramp by building a proper billboard that entices them to exit.

Put these tips to work on your Facebook page today.  You will benefit by higher levels of traffic to your website.


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