I Wanna Talk About Me

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Is there someone in your office you avoid? Maybe you’ve gone to your spouse or significant other’s party during the holiday, and there’s this loudmouth holding court in the middle of the room. All, it seems, he or she wants to do is talk about them.

Former Clear Channel SVP Alan Sledge pounded this line when he talked about talent and performance on air. “Its about them, not about you.” He’s right of course.

So why is your Facebook page awash with stuff about you?


  1. Sales remotes and appearances
  2. Spots on the web site where I can sell something (i.e coupons, 50/50 deals, etc)
  3. Long music sweeps

I love the one I saw last night. Its this weeks winner!

“‎7 songs to go in the Hot 9 at 9 countdown on your radio now! Plus listen to win at 9:21!”

And there were 8 similarly targeted messages on this stations page to ponder.

Facebook is about the conversation. Its about the listener. Talk with them. The bad habits that programmers coach against from air talent are all over Facebook.

At least on the air, they are said and disappear. On Facebook, they are here for all to see.

Doing Facebook properly is unlike any other form of marketing we’ve been doing in radio. It takes planning, proper targeting, and coaching. Posting items like the above won’t cut it. You’re are wasting your time and the listeners time. Just because its easy doesn’t mean your talent knows what they are doing.  You might as well pick up the phone or open the mike and insult the listener.

The above post clearly shows that.


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