Just Like PPM Only Faster

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PPM was supposed to solve all our ratings ills.  Jaye Albright posted a column recently debunking all the “advantages” using PPM was supposed to bring.

With social media, Facebook in particular, its not about the “likes” you have.  “Likes” to a page can be equated to cume.  The measure to watch is your engagement.  Think of that metric as your ATE or TSL if you still work in the diary system.  Tracking social media metrics will help you get a handle on how your fans respond.

There are multiple items to consider in metrics.  Here’s a take on it from Social Media pro Jay Baer.

#1: Daily Story Feedback

Instead of just counting the number of Facebook “likes” you accrue, which signifies nothing more than digital bumper-stickering, track how often your fans click “like” and comment on the status updates you post.

The more fans who click “like” and comment, the more likely your future updates will be seen in their news feed, dramatically increasing your actual Facebook audience.

If you’re an administrator of a Facebook fan page, you can find the Daily Story Feedback chart at (look in the Interactions category).

Insights will give you tremendous feedback, once you look and get the measurements.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for your engagement stats.

Over 75% of your page “fans” or likes are Monthly Active Users

Your impression numbers on status updates are 120% or greater of your page “fan” number.

Your “feedback” number is growing and is usually at 0.5% on each post

Just like PPM, once you wrap your head around these numbers, you can learn how to improve them.


2 Responses to “Just Like PPM Only Faster”

  1. facebook is a wonderful tool for programmers. facebook should NOT be used for marketing efforts. facebook SHOULD be used for marketing efforts. wait…what?

    facebook is a social tool, first and foremost. if we use facebook to market our products we’ll soon be blocked by our fans, i believe jaye made this observation in one of her blogs, and i agree completely. you should be able to observe this yourself. facebook posts which have a ‘marketing’ feel are likely to have fewer impressions….the perception is ‘they’re trying to sell me something’. posts which have a more personal flavor will generate more positive responses. and, if you’re creative and subtle, you will convert p2’s to p1’s and likely increase traffic to your website. so post away…but don’t be the online equivalent of a friend who invites you over for a bbq only to try and sell you life insurance.

    • Completely agree Gary. Marketing products will generally get very few clicks. Facebook for marketing is for marketing the station as a place to listen, rather than selling life insurance at the bar-b-q as you said.

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