Its Like Sex

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Anyone can do “it” right?

Talking about Facebook now, so get your mind straight for a moment.  I had a flash of inspiration for the headline, which my college Journalism professor would have with smiled.  Or given me an “F” for being tawdry.  But it’s true.

Like sex, everyone thinks they know how to do Facebook.   And yes, the basics are the basics, no matter which of the subjects you are speaking.  Both subjects have a huge number of “how to” books, so if you aren’t doing it right or want to do it better, you might be able to open a book and read about it.

Is your Facebook getting a standing ovation from your audience?  I don’t want to know how many likes you have or how many different listeners have succumbed to your marketing prowess.  I want to know are they coming back for more.  Do you know who they are, or are they nameless faces in the realm of cyber darkness?

It’s not how many, it’s how long they stay.  It’s not how big, it’s how good it is.

If you’re not getting MORE impressions per post than you have fans;  if you’re not pulling fans to your money blog or website; if your monthly active user number isn’t 80% or higher; you’re not getting good use of the tools you have.

The simplicity of Facebook is alluring.  It’s easy to post to the world’s largest website.  But are you getting seen?  Moreover, are you listening or are you in broadcast mode?  Are you making notches on the headboard or are you building your fan base?


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