One, Two, or Three Pages

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A number of programmers and morning shows have asked me whether they should have a single page for the station, or pages for each of the air talents on their station.  There are clearly a couple of ways to approach this.  To say, “it depends” is the right answer.  Here are the pros and cons

Pro multiple pages

  1. Each shift has a special location for their fans
  2. It can have an SEO benefit by providing you multiple points of contact
  3. There’s a sense of “ownership” on the part of talent
  4. You can design contests and promotions around a specific daypart


  1. You can’t aggregate audience
  2. Multiple posts are required to keep all fans updated
  3. Show hosts can become “bigger than the station”
  4. There’s not a single point of entry for an audience that wants simple

The goal remains the same.  Move listeners from their point of entry to the off ramp of your web page to make money.  There are apps and devs now that allow stores and other monetizing to occur inside the Facebook platform.  At this time, there is no advertising app that makes money for any one other than Facebook.

My preference and recommendation is the single point of contact for the station.  It’s easier on air and your ability to track and control messaging (making the news feeds) is enhanced.  There are stations that do both well. Country stations that work with multiple pages successfully include KFRG, Riverside.   When you are working with a single page, signing the content with its producer name or initials is a good way to maintain the transparency of the content.


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