Country Radio Seminar And Social Media

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If you were hoping to find a lot of great insight at the 2011 CRS on social media, you got a lot of panels but not a lot of how to do it information.  If you missed the events, let me give you a  quick rundown of what you might have missed.

Lets start with Shelly Palmer who wants you to toss in the towel on your website and focus all your efforts on Facebook.  I do get his point.  There are very very few useful radio station websites.  Most do not add value and suck up large amounts of time and energy.  The Coleman Study suggested listeners don’t read disc jockey blogs (and somebody paid to find that out?) From that perspective, Palmer is dead on in his recommendation.   Here’s the problem.  Without websites, which have virtually totally taken over by the sales organizations, there is no effective way for sellers to get digital money that’s floating around.

The panel, “Strengthening Partnerships With P1s Through Social Media.” was about something other than its title.  CMT’s Stephen Linn was excellent in describing what CMT does to foster growth of their web sites, but the social media was weak.  Others on the panel didn’t give a lot of guidance on what to do.  Broadjam’s Ron Elkins had a great technical view of websites, but there was nothing on helping you with the social media performance.

The “Building Revenue With Social Media” again had a great title.  Didn’t live up to its billing.  Social media isn’t about how much money is made on the nine different categories a medium market station can track.  It was great to see someone with a clue on how to get this money.  Again, building the packages or increasing the revenue other than the “track everything” admonition we’ve heard 100’s of times didn’t exist.  I was impressed with Kissy Black of the website Lotus-Nile. Her enthusiasm about connecting with people indicated to me she understands what the needs are.  Looking at the company’s offerings later, it seems like publicity is one of the bigger drivers of its business.

If you went to the Country Radio Seminar hoping to figure out what to do and how to do social media, you left disappointed.  Unless of course you came to the Albright and O’Malley pre-CRS seminar for its social media presentation.  Over the next few blog posts, I’m going to run through that presentation again without the stumbles to give you a real step by step plan to execute, measure, and build your Facebook presence.


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