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There are literally hundreds of pieces of data you can see inside the Insights section of your Facebook page.  It’s not as bad as the amount of data Arbitron sends along with month PPM information but it can be as overwhelming.  Boil down your review of your page like this

Pay attention to these measurements to grow your Facebook page.

Fan growth (or decline) Don’t get caught up in slight changes.  Sometimes Facebook just loses count.  Really.  The number will change a bit with time.

Daily Active Users.  This number is crucial to your page development.  Is it growing or falling?  This is akin to occasions of listening for radio.  More is better

Daily Engagement Rate. This is your per post engagement and feedback.  Includes comments and likes.

Page Views and Active Users. The higher the better.  Sometimes its just a matter of having something to post of interest daily.

External Growth Rate.  Who is referring people to your page?  Where is your traffic coming from?

I’ve developed a very comprehensive spreadsheet to help you track your growth.  Each post needs to be tracked in a specific method if your intent is to grow your Facebook fan base and improve your ratings.  I’ll send the sheet to you upon request.  E-Mail radioray1025 [at] gmail [dot] com and get started improving your Facebook experience.


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