Facebook and Millennials

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There are a lot of reports about the growth of Facebook and what to do in marketing to SELL something.  If you’ve been on the fence about getting into Facebook or have given a half hearted effort toward making it go, maybe this story changes your mind.

More good news for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and not-so-great news for purveyors of traditional media: 81% of upscale Gen Yers use Facebook every day, nearly twice the number who watch TV or read newspaper content, according to a report from L2 Think Tank.

The report, based on a survey of 535 “high-achieving and high-earning” Gen Y adults (average age: 27), also shows that blogs and newspapers are both a part of their daily news mix; about half of respondents read both on a daily basis.

The parity between old and new was also underscored by another finding in report, that web sites are viewed as equally influential in shaping Gen Y sentiment, second only to friends’ opinions.

Meanwhile, the report also found that 42% of millennials are watching TV programs online, while 27% watch movies online.

Other findings:

  • 63% use social media to engage with brands and more than 50% say that Facebook, blogs and brand videos affect their opinions about products.
  • 24 hours prior to being polled, 56% of respondents had watched a video on YouTube; 19% on Hulu and 13% on a mobile device.
  • Men and women in the group chose The New York Times as their favorite newspaper/magazine, followed by The Wall Street Journal and The Economist, in both cases.
  • Men chose The Office as their favorite TV show, while women preferred Modern Family.
  • Apple topped the list of the “last prestige brand purchase” for men and women.

The data from this report is 90 days old.  Does anyone think the numbers have gone DOWN?


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