Writing A Facebook Post That SELLS

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How many times have you read the admonition to not sell on Facebook?  While it’s true an overt sales message won’t make your users news feed as often as say a post about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, you CAN write a Facebook post that sells.  You just need a little cleverness to do the product endorsement without sounding like a shill for a product.

Two of the very best air talent I’ve seen at producing these posts are KEZ, Phoenix afternoon host Kevin Gossett and KFRG, Riverside talent Heather Froglear.  Let them explain how they approach this tricky pitch.

Here’s one of Kevin’s tweets captured in Google Buzz

Kevin Gossett – Twitter – Public
kevingossett: Just found out you can text REDBOX to 50101 to get the nearest Redbox kiosk. EASY.

Two things to note here.  One the internet remembers EVERYTHING.  This post is from August, 2010.  Second is the real simple and genuine way Kevin gets the sales message in without hyping.  This approach works.

Heather absolutely ROCKS the proper way to do a selling FB post.  It doesn’t get much better.

Take a news story, gossip item or local relatable story and add your commentary or personal story to it with a “bridge” to what the listener/FB fan already hears you endorse on the radio. (IE: “Did you see Lacey Schwimmer’s roots tonight on Dancing With the Stars? OMG. Looks like I need to hook a sista up with some Ovation Cell Therapy!” or… “Playing in the K-Frog Cares Golf Classic on Monday… I’d like to thank Dr. Troy Andreasen (linked) for the fact that I no longer have to use my boobs to putt.”)

Pictures are also a great way to “sell”. For instance, if someone sees a picture of you on Facebook, and they comment, “Wow! You’ve got some big hair in that picture!” You can reply with: “I thank Ovation for this large-and-in-charge-coif.” Have fun with it! (I can’t tell you how many private messages I get after a post such as this, asking me for the clients’ number)

Always keep in mind the proper ratio of information to selling posts is about 4:1 and you are good to go.  Thanks to Heather and Kevin for their tips.


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