Back It Up

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Back it up.  Simple thought and one that we’ve heard countless times when working with computers or web sites.  Back up your work.  It’s even more important when you take that first step into making a major change in Facebook.

There has been a lot of internet chatter about the new Facebook migration tool.  The problem is it doesn’t always work.

I received an e-mail today from a frantic program director.  He had done the right thing and decided to move his station page which had been built with a personal profile onto a fan page.


He didn’t back up his data.  Now its all gone.

Backup your Facebook data today.  Here’s how courtesy of Gina Trapani of Smarterware

Facebook backup utilities are scant compared to the glut of Twitter apps out there, but Social Safe ( is an Adobe AIR application that gets the job done. Social Safe costs $3 right now—so not technically free, but also not much more than a fancy cup of coffee—and it backs up your Facebook profile, friends list, photos, and photos that others have tagged with your name. (That last part is especially useful when your high school friends have gotten on the service and added class pictures with you in them.) Social Safe does not, however, back up your Facebook status stream, comments on your updates, or your wall posts.

Right now, back up.  Before you lose 5000 fans that will take you a year to build back.


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