Ten Tried And True Facebook Tactics

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Ten quick and easy, tried and true Facebook tactics. Sometimes a brushup on the basics is a good thing.

  1. Use every status update category: Text, links, images and video. Variety increases reach and user engagement.
  2. Use the 80/20 rule: 80% of status updates should give value to the fans first, 20% of status updates can be promotional, or brand first.
  3. Post like a friend, not a brand: Humanized language gets a better response. Trademarks and press release styled writing destroy the potential for a relationship and turn fans away.
  4. Reply to fans when they comment on status updates. This encourages fans to comment more and increases the total interactions count for an update.
  5. Stop automating blog post or tweets to Facebook. Facebook is its own platform. Treat it accordingly.
  6. Break news: Announce products, sales, website poll results, event news and more. If users know your Facebook wall is the most timely source for certain news it will drive them back.
  7. Like other pages as a page: Find pages that are related to your business. Mention and thank these other pages to encourage cross promotion partnerships.
  8. Avoid complicated words and phrases: Fans respond more to simple language.
  9. Talk about Facebook: Facebook is the most shareable topic on Facebook (according to HubSpot research). Try to include Facebook mentions that are relevant to your brand or industry instead of just posting about Facebook generically.
  10. Use short status updates: Use 10 words or less when possible.
Doing these 10 things relentlessly will help your page grow quickly and organically.

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