Have You “+1” Today?

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The +1 Button In Action On Today’s Country Online On Blogger.

The +1 Button on A&O

Early thinking about the new Google +1 functionality for websites has marketers jumping all over the idea. Why not? There is some train of thought that the button will influence search engine rankings. If you run a real business, not radio, getting a search engine rank for your website is a really big deal.

Most station sites are aggregators by nature. There are so many java apps providing banner ads, what played last, what promotions are happening, that the pages aren’t really about any one item that effects keyword and therefore Google rank. At the station level +1 doesn’t seem like it will be terribly useful.

EXCEPT in this instance.

Google calls the +1 button “shorthand for ‘this is pretty cool’ or ‘you should check this out’

One a user clicks the button, a link to the content appears under the +1’s tab on the user’s Google Profile.

Here’s where it can get interesting. This does have a programming and ratings implication, so hang with me.

Car dealer “A” has a product they want to sell.

Your stations Google profile (yes you need one for this) “+1” the page with the deal on it.

Bill, who is looking for a car, finds the car dealer at the top of the Google search engine for “cheap cars that will last 100,000 miles” keyword.

Under the keyword is your (and all Bill’s buddies) “+1” note

Bill has liked your station. He’s ready to buy a car. He sees an endorsement from you (the +1) VERY CLOSE to his decision of where to go. He likes you. He likes others on his list. He goes to car dealer “A”

Think of +1 like you would the ads that appear in your Facebook account. The ones that say “so and so” of your friends also liked the three toed African slug.

+1’s show when Google user “A” has a connection to you on Google. Like, You Tube for example. A subscriber to your You Tube channel is a connection.

See why this might have implication for marketing your radio station. Anytime you can get in front of listeners is a bonus. When you can do it for free, it’s a BIG bonus. Besides, having the number “1” beside your name can’t be a bad thing.


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