No Time For Facebook

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If you want to make your Facebook page interactive when you have little time to post, there’s an easy way to do it. A few country stations make use of RSS feeds from Great American Country (GAC), Albright and O’Malley’s or CMT to go directly to their Facebook pages. This is an easy way to keep your page from looking like a vast wasteland. It’s not ideal, but it helps.

Another way to stay up to speed is using your fan page’s “likes” properly. Your fan page, like your personal page, can “like” other pages too. Another way to appear “in touch” with your target is to use these likes on your profile.

There is a difference in your profile and your “home” page. It’s also similar to your personal page differences, but is more pronounced in the fan page. Your “home” will display the posts others you are following are making. If a post is something other than plain text, like a photo, video, or link, you can share that post with your fans on your profile easily. Click the share link on the post, write a quick line about your impression of the post, and click OK.

Facebook recommends you ask a question with on your shared post to generate feedback from your community. This is a good way to keep an active Facebook page, while your brain is engaged in trying to keep your radio stations on the air.

Don’t make this your only style of posting or your fan numbers will stop growing or even decline.  If you are going to engage, engage.  If there’s just not enough time, stop.  Or let us help you keep your page up to date and local.  If you’d like to know more, respond in the comments.


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