Five Tactics To Improve Your Fan Page NOW

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Here’s a strategy that is GUARANTEED to improve your fan pages and increase your audience.  If you aren’t doing this start today.

Post this as a status right now on your fan page:
“The first thing I do on a Monday Morning is _______”

If you aren’t in the news feed, your page is dead.  If you want to get a great example, here’s a real life one for you.  I manage more than 20 Facebook pages.  This past week something really weird happened.  We were using the strategy of posting from our website to Facebook.  The idea was to grab the FB traffic for our money site.  Something happened in the tool we were using.  The post received 28 impressions.  The fan page has nearly 5,000 fans.  Essentially, the post was only being viewed by people coming directly to the page.  The News Feed algorithm from Facebook did not like us and didn’t share our post.

This post was dead.

Did you know that only 3% of Fans ever actually come back to your fan page?  In this example, it was more like .5%!

Try these tactics for sky high engagement:

1. Ask yes or no questions:
Example: “Yes or no do you like dogs”
For a Chinese Restaurant: “Yes or no, do you like to use Chop Sticks”

2. Post fill in the blank updates:
Example: “My favorite thing to do at 10pm is ________”

3. Ask for opinions or edgy questions:
Example: “What is wrong with this picture?”

4. Ask True or False questions:
Example: “True or False, on average 80% of start-ups fail”

5. Ask for tips:
Example: “What are your top 3 strategies to improve your Yoga workout”

Rotate these tactics and watch your engagement rise.


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