Violation Free Facebook Contests

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Here’s an easy way to promote your contests OFF Facebook on Facebook

Facebook is where internet traffic is today. Let’s use that traffic to generate returns to your website and contests. There are two fairly simple ways to execute these strategies.

Strategy one. Build a specific use Facebook page. This is all about the contest. There is no cost for putting up additional Facebook pages, so you have no worry there. The idea is to build a page. You don’t even need to get your 25 likes from inside the building to claim your unique user name. Just build a page with a name like WXYZ’s Free Gas.

On your main station FB page, make sure the contest page is in the “featured likes” section in the left hand column. You make it a “featured like” in the “edit page” area of your main page. Link from the contest page back to the entry area of your website. This is not a terms of service violation on Facebook, so you stay in the clear and don’t need to deal with any third party apps. At least none insofar as Facebook is concerned.

Strategy two relates a bit to strategy one. Photos are one of the “advantaged” edges in Facebook. Use the photo bar on your page to post a photo of your contest. In the comments on the photo, explain what a listener should do at that moment to enter the contest. I’d include a link back to your web page for the traffic. It would be a good idea to post that photo in your status updates from time to time during the contest to keep hitting those news feeds. Nice that we have content on our page. Better if we are in the news feed.

There’s a pitched battle between Facebook and Google to be first in traffic since that benefits them with advertising. Take advantage of their battle to get what you want–more viewers to your pages.


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