Social Media Is “good”

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So how many members in your audience are on Facebook? From the looks at some of the data I’ve seen in managing a number of sites, it looks like a lot.

Then, explain the latest Pew Internet Survey released Friday which shows only abut 50% of U.S. adults are onto ANY SM site like Facebook or LinkedIn. That compares with the 90+% that use radio each week.

An even larger takeaway from the study is the satisfaction level with the social media sites. Adults said it was “good.”

Not exactly an enthusiastic response.

The number one activity on the web and the way your listeners want to connect with you is plain old fashioned e-mail. 61% of adults use e-mail everyday. That compares to 43% who use social media daily.

The Pew study claims the growth in social media is driven by SENIORS, not by the kids. Social networking among the 65+ group is up 150% in the past two years. There’s little growth in the under 30 group according to Pew.

Rate of growth is an indicator that can give you really bad direction at times. Going from a $1 profit to $2 profit is a 100% growth, while going from $100,000 to $120,000 profit is only 20%. Which would you rather have?

There’s little doubt social media is growing quickly. It looks like the law of diminishing returns is starting to catch up with the buzz. Once you have awareness and trial, increasing the usage becomes the focus. Tweets or posts about another pair of tickets or what’s up probably aren’t going to make your listeners rave. They’ll probably say their experience with you was….”good.”


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