About Social Radio Pros

Google the words “social media experts” and you will find thousands of people willing to take your money to teach you something about social media and how you can use it to unlock big money.

You have found the only one who focuses exclusively on media properties.  Radio, TV, and print today are under attack from all directions.  We are “old” media–the group that time forgot.  The buzz seems to have left us.  We need to find a way to use “new” media profitably.

Social Radio Pros is designed to do that.  We are a team of professional radio programmers who know sales, operations, and new media.  We know how to advance the conversation to generate more visits to your web site, more money to your bottom line, and a higher degree of engagement with your audience.

If you’ve avoided being in Social Media, or if your part time intern that also handles the contest winners sheets, programs the automation, and writes reports is the one doing your communication with your audience, we need to talk.


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