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The Last Contest on Facebook

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If you remember the famous Last Contest by Jack McCoy on KCBQ San Diego, you are older than me (I only heard the airchecks–really)  But there is a way you can play something similar, generate revenue, add fans to your Facebook page, get viral exposure, AND have a shot to add a bit of listening to the station for ratings pop.

First, lets grab a few concepts you already know or have probably seen at some point.  Of course there’s Jack’s famous (and probably still owned by him) Last Contest with perhaps the greatest on air imagery and promos ever.  The killer promotion of the 80’s was the Incredible Prize catalog or similar contests (Checks in the Mail, etc).  While direct mail worked then (and still works today) radio can not or will not spend the cash for it.

photo from

Here’s how to make your own.  Thanks to IKEA, we already have a model that works.  With this particular promotion, be certain you use a third party Facebook app to execute to stay within Facebook TOS guidelines.

  1. Post a “prize photo” or “photo gallery” (preferably with client prizes a listener might want to win)
  2. Have listeners “tag” the photos of the prize they want to win
  3. Call either prizes or listener names on the air to get winners.
  4. You might even trickle the prizes into the gallery to draw more activity

IKEA had a bit of a different take on the promotion, but it’s the same basic idea.

The third party app keeps you on the good side of Facebook TOS.  I’d suggest a good quality site (and yes the app WILL cost you a little bit of money between $30-$100) like SocialAppsHQ as an operator.

You get juice and cash from good client prizes, add fans to your Facebook page, and get in the news feed of your listeners (through photo tagging) which attracts THEIR Facebook fans to your page and your station.  The execution of a radio contest is something you already know better than anyone else.

It’s simple.  It makes use of the viral nature of Facebook.  And it could influence a few diary mentions as a side benefit.



Writing A Facebook Post That SELLS

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How many times have you read the admonition to not sell on Facebook?  While it’s true an overt sales message won’t make your users news feed as often as say a post about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, you CAN write a Facebook post that sells.  You just need a little cleverness to do the product endorsement without sounding like a shill for a product.

Two of the very best air talent I’ve seen at producing these posts are KEZ, Phoenix afternoon host Kevin Gossett and KFRG, Riverside talent Heather Froglear.  Let them explain how they approach this tricky pitch.

Here’s one of Kevin’s tweets captured in Google Buzz

Kevin Gossett – Twitter – Public
kevingossett: Just found out you can text REDBOX to 50101 to get the nearest Redbox kiosk. EASY.

Two things to note here.  One the internet remembers EVERYTHING.  This post is from August, 2010.  Second is the real simple and genuine way Kevin gets the sales message in without hyping.  This approach works.

Heather absolutely ROCKS the proper way to do a selling FB post.  It doesn’t get much better.

Take a news story, gossip item or local relatable story and add your commentary or personal story to it with a “bridge” to what the listener/FB fan already hears you endorse on the radio. (IE: “Did you see Lacey Schwimmer’s roots tonight on Dancing With the Stars? OMG. Looks like I need to hook a sista up with some Ovation Cell Therapy!” or… “Playing in the K-Frog Cares Golf Classic on Monday… I’d like to thank Dr. Troy Andreasen (linked) for the fact that I no longer have to use my boobs to putt.”)

Pictures are also a great way to “sell”. For instance, if someone sees a picture of you on Facebook, and they comment, “Wow! You’ve got some big hair in that picture!” You can reply with: “I thank Ovation for this large-and-in-charge-coif.” Have fun with it! (I can’t tell you how many private messages I get after a post such as this, asking me for the clients’ number)

Always keep in mind the proper ratio of information to selling posts is about 4:1 and you are good to go.  Thanks to Heather and Kevin for their tips.


Dip Your Hose In The Stream

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At SocialRadioPros, we’ve talked long and loud about the need for using Facebook as a PRIMARY marketing effort for your radio station.  Most radio companies have barely brushed the surface (and that’s giving a brush a bad name).  The reality is most companies are fortunate to have a program director, promotions person, or other staffer who is a Facebook fan and wants to give the station access to the platform.

Most are clueless in what to do.  Most cause TOS violations.  Most don’t know you can’t run a contest completely on Facebook.  (whoops, that’s technically wrong.  You CAN run a contest on Facebook if you have an Ad manager.  That will cost you $30,000 or more, so as far as radio is concerned, that ain’t happening.)

So what do you need to know to get some of this traffic. The internet game is ALL ABOUT THE TRAFFIC.  Side note, would you pay $9.72 for an additional cume of 75,000?  I did using SRP techniques.

First, create interesting content.  The weather for the day is not content.  Neither are the stupid contests you see ALL over Facebook from radio.  Ask yourself a question with your listener hat on.  Do you REALLY believe a listener is going to tune in your station based on a contest that may happen sometime in the next couple of hours?

Give me a break.

Watch your posts for comments.  If you are getting some, you are making relevant and interesting posts.  If you are not, getting comments, SRP can help you by showing you the right way to post and how to track those posts.

If you stopped at “track”, we really need to talk.  We’ll cover the second part of what you need to do in a later post.
Here’s a stat that should get your attention and that of your market manager and sales manager.  Research shows that 51% of people who “fan” a Facebook page are more likely to buy that brand.

OK, so what does that mean to us in radio.

Its about using our influence.  Its about using our talent to refer listeners to advertisers and use the trust we have gained to benefit those who do business with us.  Radio must get in the referral and lead business.

Digital products have gained in popularity not because they are cheap, but because they are trackable.  Radio sells ears.  Digital sells actions.  The sooner we figure out how to charge for actions, the quicker we will get in the digital mainstream.  Banner ads for eyeballs is only a small fraction of the money available in digital.  Actions are where the money is.

If you are interested, SocialRadioPros has a precise step by step method of showing you how to build your Facebook presence so you can get at that money today.  The method and product is free.

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Setting Your Online Goals

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We’ve all heard the admonition failing to plan is planing to fail. Its become part of the lexicon. We busily plan our numbers of “unique users” or “page views” or “streaming sessions” with the idea that we can influence those numbers on our sites. We scheme promotions and contests to drive numbers to the web site. We try to get huge numbers online, just like we “have” in the diary or PPM ratings world.


What is the end game we are working so furiously toward achieving? If you can’t identify it in one simple sentence or short paragraph, your goal is not only wrong, its completely missing in action.

Try this for an “on air ratings” goal statement.

Using a cume based strategy, we will increase our listener numbers by 15% in the next year. We will do this by attracting new listeners into the station by marketing into areas that we know are prime prospects for our business. Our increase in cume will result in ratings increases of 4% as we convert that cume to average quarter hour share, which improves our advertising rates we can charge. Assuming our sellout numbers remain constant, our efforts will cause a 10% revenue growth in the new year.

That pretty much lays it out. By the way, that’s a REAL statement taken from a station strategy session. We either look to add bodies, or improve retention and AQH (or ATE) to increase our ratings so we can charge advertisers more for our time.

Can you state your web goal that easily?

Is it eyeballs? (lord I hope not). Revenue? (what are you selling–why should I buy). Search engine rankings? (radio is beyond bad at SEO).

Or is it to have something to tell (and sell) clients when they ask about your digital strategy since everyone wants a digital strategy today.

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1% Of My Audience Is Better Than Yours

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The web is a different place for broadcasters. Its exactly opposite of what we have been doing our entire careers. Instead of trying to get huge numbers of people to “listen” to the station and respond, we are now looking for the hyper fan. The ability to energize and activate the fan to action is what will be the measure of success.

I’ve seen this question in research many times in the past. The “new” term for it on the web is Net Promoter scores. I’d have to credit the question to Larry Rosin at Edison Research from the broadcast side. Are you listeners so “into” your station that they actively promote it to others? Do they give you a 9 or 10 on the “how likely are you to tell others about the station” question?

Identifying that group of promoters and focusing efforts and energy on them will pay off big. If 1% of your cume is a 9 or 10, you will win. Are there 1% in your VIP club or on Facebook or Twitter? If not, how many would give you a 9 or 10? Your success depends on it. Read more about what goes into Net Promoter scores here.

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Wasting Money on Audience Research

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Audience research can be an expensive investment. While the amount of research has been substantially cut based on business conditions, the need for understanding what the audience wants and thinks is exceptionally important.

In a perfect world, stations would work hard at getting close to their consumers. The perfect world of the past included at least one strategic market study per year to determine the “images” of the target station. This study would allow the station to determine its “SWOT” matrix. The entire direction of a stations marketing, programming, and promotional focus would come from this study. You would find music studies or group music tests where listeners would give their impressions of the library titles. These would happen two or three times per year for stations that had a significant library component. Add to that information, weekly “call out” music testing which would closely track the audience’s view of newer songs on a regular basis.

Success would go to the programming team which best understood and implemented the research.

Guess what. It still works that way today.

The frustration at not having the funds to understand the audience is almost universal in media today. There is an underdeveloped source of data that rests at the fingertips. Social media building captures two vital sources of information to help you guide your property. It grabs the “rabid fans”–the ones who will contribute the most to your success. The “P1” component. It also encourages those same fans to recruit other individuals into your “tribe.”

Social media is NOT and will not work well as advertising. Think of it more like audience research. The difference is the continuing “free” investment in building your audience relationship. The time needed to build the relationship and remain part of the conversation is extensive and important.

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What do you want to do? With less of course

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Social media asks a lot of questions. Its really not a lot different than a conversation. Except you can’t see whom you are speaking and everyone can hear (or read) everything you say. My curiosity has always wondered about a couple of things.

What are you trying to do? Programmers know that playing a specific song will accomplish a goal (higher ratings). Play enough songs the audience likes and the ratings get better.

Can you state your digital objectives as clearly as your ratings goals? Do you get what your website is there do accomplish? (and don’t answer with revenue or unique user growth numbers) What is the listener experience? Do they get a good experience or not?

SRP asks the questions and listens for the answers. We develop the relationships so we get the good stuff. Not by a phone call or a mall intercept. Relationships come first in social media. Its the relationships that we build for you that can make a qualitative and quantitative difference in your business. We will be able to answer what the listeners want to.

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