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Guy Kawasaki Live From Social Radio Pros

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Monday afternoon, two of the best names in social media showed the good, the bad, and the ugly that happens when you wing webinars live.  You probably don’t think a lot about it with live air shifts, but being on camera and live can be a pretty terrifying experience.  I had the chance to sit in on the webinar and be able to report to you what I heard and saw.

It’s funny sometimes when you watch any kind of webinar. Technical issues for this form of communication can be large. Certainly was the case when Mari, the “pied piper of Facebook” Smith and Guy “founder of” Kawasaki battled through tech issues Monday afternoon. If you wonder how many people hang around through this kind of tech problem 470 and 620 people were in the room for all or part of the show.  (yes I did wonder what PPM would have shown).

The presentation was Semper Social.  Kawasaki is the author of  “Enchanted” a book about connections in social media.

Enchanting people in social media, much like being on the air has certain pillars.  The top three “pillars” are what Kawasaki considers must haves before you move forward.

  1. Always be likable
  2. Always be trustworthy (examples;; Nordstrom) Trust others first. You are a baker..not an eater. Baker is potential.
  3. Always be Great.  DICEE  Deep; Intelligent; Complete; Empowering; Elegant
  4. Always be answering–never fail to answer.  Some have asked what is an appropriate time to answer.  Kawasaki suggests within 24-48 hours.
  5. Answer in a flat way…This means to answer all no matter who’s the writer.
  6. Answer frequently…do it all the time
  7. Always be thanking; whenever someone says something nice..thank them
  8. Always be disclosing…be transparent
  9. Always be repeating is a controversial recommendation  The logic is no one parks themselves at the computer or on Twitter or Facebook all day long.  Kawasaki repeats every tweet he does four times 8 hours apart.  This recommendation to be is for people who is more global in nature, like Kawasaki.  His comment, “you will piss someone off, but that’s the price you pay.”  Kawasaki uses a product Objective Marketer to monitor results of his tweets.
  10. Always be subtle… Guy tweets 60 times per day..provide have a right to promote.. It’s not continuous promotion of your product… 5% of your content (you are earning the right to advertise for free)


Kawasaki had specific recommendations and observations on the two dominate social media platforms of the day.

Always be linking. Twitter is a link economy.  Practically everything you see from Kawasaki has a link attached on Twitter.

When you are looking for material to tweet.  (and this is a GREAT on air resource set)

Stumble Upon, Smart Brief is another site (work with association) Smart Brief on Social Media, or Alltop are three of programs or websites highlighted by Kawasaki.  FYI, he does have an interest as the founder of Alltop.  The website,, aggregates material by topic to make it easy to find.

Always be Monitoring.  Guy suggested you get familiar with and use the advanced search function of Twitter.  Google alerts is another way to track both what people are saying about you, but your competition and the artists of the songs you play too.


Kawasaki is much better known as a Twitter expert, but he did take a swing at a couple of things regarding Facebook.  This morning, Facebook was said to have reached 750 million users.  Kawasaki admitted making mistakes in the beginning with Facebook.  His attempt to treat the platform like Twitter was not very successful.  His points for Facebook:

Always be snapping…taking lots of photos Facebook in Kawaski’s view is important.  He suggests Facebook is a photo economy, rather than a link economy.  Make sure to crop your photos well and take good shots.  Light source behind the photographer (camera) is always best, but having seen many a Facebook photo it’s a good reminder.

Always be commenting; RESPOND.  This is simply good etiquette.  I still see an enormous amount of non-responsive activity on the part of stations to Facebook posts and comments.  If your listeners are going to engage, talk with them.

Just like being on the air, doing the basics well is important in social media.  Many of these “pillars” have been covered in Social Radio Pros in past posts.  Kawasaki’s points are reiterations of what you may have already read on this site.



The one thing that scares the hell out of Google

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The confusion of radio programmers on delegating their time and focus is understandable.  We are asked to do more with less and less each day.  Maintain ratings, approve and develop promotions, work with the sales department, make the web page sparkle, and maybe if you have time catch up on that social marketing thing too.

We talk a lot on this site about the importance of brand development through social media.  You may have overlooked Facebook or Twitter in the past.  You may have not put a lot of stock in their ability to help you add listeners and sell products.  Maybe your attention to social media changes when you realize Google is worried about both Facebook and Twitter.  The answer as to why is here.

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Pants On The Ground

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By now, you’ve already seen this video.

The first “viral” video of the year from American Idol. Listeners and viewers made this piece sweep the country in an instant. Such is the power of the internet, with the ability to move content of interest around impossibly fast. The bigger question is if you weren’t part of social media at the time, you might have missed it. Or been a day or two behind.

Missing what your listeners have on top of their mind is a fatal flaw. We talk endlessly about being plugged into our local markets and reflecting their tastes. Social media has a cost. The cost comes in time, money, staffing, or ATTENTION.

Attention deficit can be cured. You have to decide.

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At The Speed Of Twitter

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News flies fast on Twitter. There are countless recaps you’ve heard of stories ranging from Michael Jackson’s death, to the landing on the Hudson, to Simon leaving American Idol. All stories first heard on Twitter. Its a pretty intense landscape. If you watch, Twitter moves almost as quickly as the moving ticker on CNBC describing stock and bond prices that I can never follow. Twitter can certainly seem like that to a newbie. Getting a little help in Twitter seems easy enough if you have the cash and believe the social media promoters.

Earlier I did a post on how many new social media experts have surfaced. It doesn’t seem to take a lot to be a social media expert. Claim you are one, hang out a shingle, and ask for money. Someone might just write you a big check. Its the internet age of the late 90’s all over again.

Finding a person who understands radio marketing and talking to listeners and has the time to tweet, now there is a unique combination. Add to it the no cost option, and you wonder why you aren’t on Twitter right now.

Not everyone should be on Twitter by the way. If you don’t want more listeners…if you don’t want to hear what people are saying about you…if you don’t want to guide a conversation in your favor…if you expect instant ratings success…don’t start on Twitter. If you want to get better numbers, its a good cheap place to start. Provided you have pros who understand how to listen.

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15,740 Social Media Pros Are Wrong

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Funny stat I saw this morning. In the past six months the number of “social media experts” on Twitter has increased by five fold. These are people who include some kind of “social media expert” label in their Twitter profiles.

At that rate of growth, we would have 3 million Twitter experts by 2012.

I’m betting their aren’t many, if any, who have ever been programmers of radio stations. Or who understand the problems and needs of today’s station operator. More is less appears to be the name of the game with Twitter.

Increasing your presence in online is going to require you to get involved with your audience in every way possible. Twitter and Facebook are two of the best ways to do that. Done the right way, these two services will increase engagement, web usage, ratings, and revenue. Done wrong or ignored is a path to big problems and a shortened career.

Finding the right 1% of your online audience is more art than science. Art takes a lot more time.

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Re-Tweet Your Way To Followers

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Be interesting, compelling, and quick.  The advice we give our talent especially where PPM is concerned.  Sounds like a “Tweet.”  140 meaningful characters that establishes communication, engagement, and activity.  In the “Twitterverse”, there are groups that make a habit of doing nothing but “re-tweeting” others content.

@CountryMusicGW spends most of its time doing exactly that.  Your goal is to have material worth being re-tweeted.

Re-tweeting of your content takes your material and places it in a number of new streams and time lines.  It can increase your influence and bring more people to your web site.  Potential listeners are just a re-tweet away if your stuff is good enough.   Its a great form of marketing, because it comes with a degree of trust from the person doing the re-tweet.

Doesn’t that sound like something a radio station should do?

If you aren’t involved in Twitter,  regularly we can show you how.

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Six Types of Tweeters

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Guy Kawasaki is one of the most influential social media people in the world. Guy is widely quoted, is one of the most followed people on Twitter, and has started or has worked with some of the biggest sites in “Web 2.0”

Guy published a great article on American Express Open Forum concerning segmenting the type of activity on Twitter. Most casual observers of the channel see it as a time wasting effort. Guy captures the essence of that user, along with the users that make the most difference to radio station ratings.

Stations should become a combination of Mensch/Maven online. Developing those Mavens in your community is very important to your ability to generate ratings and revenue.

Here’s Guy’s article.

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