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Monday afternoon, two of the best names in social media showed the good, the bad, and the ugly that happens when you wing webinars live.  You probably don’t think a lot about it with live air shifts, but being on camera and live can be a pretty terrifying experience.  I had the chance to sit in on the webinar and be able to report to you what I heard and saw.

It’s funny sometimes when you watch any kind of webinar. Technical issues for this form of communication can be large. Certainly was the case when Mari, the “pied piper of Facebook” Smith and Guy “founder of” Kawasaki battled through tech issues Monday afternoon. If you wonder how many people hang around through this kind of tech problem 470 and 620 people were in the room for all or part of the show.  (yes I did wonder what PPM would have shown).

The presentation was Semper Social.  Kawasaki is the author of  “Enchanted” a book about connections in social media.

Enchanting people in social media, much like being on the air has certain pillars.  The top three “pillars” are what Kawasaki considers must haves before you move forward.

  1. Always be likable
  2. Always be trustworthy (examples;; Nordstrom) Trust others first. You are a baker..not an eater. Baker is potential.
  3. Always be Great.  DICEE  Deep; Intelligent; Complete; Empowering; Elegant
  4. Always be answering–never fail to answer.  Some have asked what is an appropriate time to answer.  Kawasaki suggests within 24-48 hours.
  5. Answer in a flat way…This means to answer all no matter who’s the writer.
  6. Answer frequently…do it all the time
  7. Always be thanking; whenever someone says something nice..thank them
  8. Always be disclosing…be transparent
  9. Always be repeating is a controversial recommendation  The logic is no one parks themselves at the computer or on Twitter or Facebook all day long.  Kawasaki repeats every tweet he does four times 8 hours apart.  This recommendation to be is for people who is more global in nature, like Kawasaki.  His comment, “you will piss someone off, but that’s the price you pay.”  Kawasaki uses a product Objective Marketer to monitor results of his tweets.
  10. Always be subtle… Guy tweets 60 times per day..provide have a right to promote.. It’s not continuous promotion of your product… 5% of your content (you are earning the right to advertise for free)


Kawasaki had specific recommendations and observations on the two dominate social media platforms of the day.

Always be linking. Twitter is a link economy.  Practically everything you see from Kawasaki has a link attached on Twitter.

When you are looking for material to tweet.  (and this is a GREAT on air resource set)

Stumble Upon, Smart Brief is another site (work with association) Smart Brief on Social Media, or Alltop are three of programs or websites highlighted by Kawasaki.  FYI, he does have an interest as the founder of Alltop.  The website,, aggregates material by topic to make it easy to find.

Always be Monitoring.  Guy suggested you get familiar with and use the advanced search function of Twitter.  Google alerts is another way to track both what people are saying about you, but your competition and the artists of the songs you play too.


Kawasaki is much better known as a Twitter expert, but he did take a swing at a couple of things regarding Facebook.  This morning, Facebook was said to have reached 750 million users.  Kawasaki admitted making mistakes in the beginning with Facebook.  His attempt to treat the platform like Twitter was not very successful.  His points for Facebook:

Always be snapping…taking lots of photos Facebook in Kawaski’s view is important.  He suggests Facebook is a photo economy, rather than a link economy.  Make sure to crop your photos well and take good shots.  Light source behind the photographer (camera) is always best, but having seen many a Facebook photo it’s a good reminder.

Always be commenting; RESPOND.  This is simply good etiquette.  I still see an enormous amount of non-responsive activity on the part of stations to Facebook posts and comments.  If your listeners are going to engage, talk with them.

Just like being on the air, doing the basics well is important in social media.  Many of these “pillars” have been covered in Social Radio Pros in past posts.  Kawasaki’s points are reiterations of what you may have already read on this site.



Violation Free Facebook Contests

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Here’s an easy way to promote your contests OFF Facebook on Facebook

Facebook is where internet traffic is today. Let’s use that traffic to generate returns to your website and contests. There are two fairly simple ways to execute these strategies.

Strategy one. Build a specific use Facebook page. This is all about the contest. There is no cost for putting up additional Facebook pages, so you have no worry there. The idea is to build a page. You don’t even need to get your 25 likes from inside the building to claim your unique user name. Just build a page with a name like WXYZ’s Free Gas.

On your main station FB page, make sure the contest page is in the “featured likes” section in the left hand column. You make it a “featured like” in the “edit page” area of your main page. Link from the contest page back to the entry area of your website. This is not a terms of service violation on Facebook, so you stay in the clear and don’t need to deal with any third party apps. At least none insofar as Facebook is concerned.

Strategy two relates a bit to strategy one. Photos are one of the “advantaged” edges in Facebook. Use the photo bar on your page to post a photo of your contest. In the comments on the photo, explain what a listener should do at that moment to enter the contest. I’d include a link back to your web page for the traffic. It would be a good idea to post that photo in your status updates from time to time during the contest to keep hitting those news feeds. Nice that we have content on our page. Better if we are in the news feed.

There’s a pitched battle between Facebook and Google to be first in traffic since that benefits them with advertising. Take advantage of their battle to get what you want–more viewers to your pages.


Five Tactics To Improve Your Fan Page NOW

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Here’s a strategy that is GUARANTEED to improve your fan pages and increase your audience.  If you aren’t doing this start today.

Post this as a status right now on your fan page:
“The first thing I do on a Monday Morning is _______”

If you aren’t in the news feed, your page is dead.  If you want to get a great example, here’s a real life one for you.  I manage more than 20 Facebook pages.  This past week something really weird happened.  We were using the strategy of posting from our website to Facebook.  The idea was to grab the FB traffic for our money site.  Something happened in the tool we were using.  The post received 28 impressions.  The fan page has nearly 5,000 fans.  Essentially, the post was only being viewed by people coming directly to the page.  The News Feed algorithm from Facebook did not like us and didn’t share our post.

This post was dead.

Did you know that only 3% of Fans ever actually come back to your fan page?  In this example, it was more like .5%!

Try these tactics for sky high engagement:

1. Ask yes or no questions:
Example: “Yes or no do you like dogs”
For a Chinese Restaurant: “Yes or no, do you like to use Chop Sticks”

2. Post fill in the blank updates:
Example: “My favorite thing to do at 10pm is ________”

3. Ask for opinions or edgy questions:
Example: “What is wrong with this picture?”

4. Ask True or False questions:
Example: “True or False, on average 80% of start-ups fail”

5. Ask for tips:
Example: “What are your top 3 strategies to improve your Yoga workout”

Rotate these tactics and watch your engagement rise.


No Time For Facebook

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If you want to make your Facebook page interactive when you have little time to post, there’s an easy way to do it. A few country stations make use of RSS feeds from Great American Country (GAC), Albright and O’Malley’s or CMT to go directly to their Facebook pages. This is an easy way to keep your page from looking like a vast wasteland. It’s not ideal, but it helps.

Another way to stay up to speed is using your fan page’s “likes” properly. Your fan page, like your personal page, can “like” other pages too. Another way to appear “in touch” with your target is to use these likes on your profile.

There is a difference in your profile and your “home” page. It’s also similar to your personal page differences, but is more pronounced in the fan page. Your “home” will display the posts others you are following are making. If a post is something other than plain text, like a photo, video, or link, you can share that post with your fans on your profile easily. Click the share link on the post, write a quick line about your impression of the post, and click OK.

Facebook recommends you ask a question with on your shared post to generate feedback from your community. This is a good way to keep an active Facebook page, while your brain is engaged in trying to keep your radio stations on the air.

Don’t make this your only style of posting or your fan numbers will stop growing or even decline.  If you are going to engage, engage.  If there’s just not enough time, stop.  Or let us help you keep your page up to date and local.  If you’d like to know more, respond in the comments.


Have You “+1” Today?

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The +1 Button In Action On Today’s Country Online On Blogger.

The +1 Button on A&O

Early thinking about the new Google +1 functionality for websites has marketers jumping all over the idea. Why not? There is some train of thought that the button will influence search engine rankings. If you run a real business, not radio, getting a search engine rank for your website is a really big deal.

Most station sites are aggregators by nature. There are so many java apps providing banner ads, what played last, what promotions are happening, that the pages aren’t really about any one item that effects keyword and therefore Google rank. At the station level +1 doesn’t seem like it will be terribly useful.

EXCEPT in this instance.

Google calls the +1 button “shorthand for ‘this is pretty cool’ or ‘you should check this out’

One a user clicks the button, a link to the content appears under the +1’s tab on the user’s Google Profile.

Here’s where it can get interesting. This does have a programming and ratings implication, so hang with me.

Car dealer “A” has a product they want to sell.

Your stations Google profile (yes you need one for this) “+1” the page with the deal on it.

Bill, who is looking for a car, finds the car dealer at the top of the Google search engine for “cheap cars that will last 100,000 miles” keyword.

Under the keyword is your (and all Bill’s buddies) “+1” note

Bill has liked your station. He’s ready to buy a car. He sees an endorsement from you (the +1) VERY CLOSE to his decision of where to go. He likes you. He likes others on his list. He goes to car dealer “A”

Think of +1 like you would the ads that appear in your Facebook account. The ones that say “so and so” of your friends also liked the three toed African slug.

+1’s show when Google user “A” has a connection to you on Google. Like, You Tube for example. A subscriber to your You Tube channel is a connection.

See why this might have implication for marketing your radio station. Anytime you can get in front of listeners is a bonus. When you can do it for free, it’s a BIG bonus. Besides, having the number “1” beside your name can’t be a bad thing.


Ten Tried And True Facebook Tactics

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Ten quick and easy, tried and true Facebook tactics. Sometimes a brushup on the basics is a good thing.

  1. Use every status update category: Text, links, images and video. Variety increases reach and user engagement.
  2. Use the 80/20 rule: 80% of status updates should give value to the fans first, 20% of status updates can be promotional, or brand first.
  3. Post like a friend, not a brand: Humanized language gets a better response. Trademarks and press release styled writing destroy the potential for a relationship and turn fans away.
  4. Reply to fans when they comment on status updates. This encourages fans to comment more and increases the total interactions count for an update.
  5. Stop automating blog post or tweets to Facebook. Facebook is its own platform. Treat it accordingly.
  6. Break news: Announce products, sales, website poll results, event news and more. If users know your Facebook wall is the most timely source for certain news it will drive them back.
  7. Like other pages as a page: Find pages that are related to your business. Mention and thank these other pages to encourage cross promotion partnerships.
  8. Avoid complicated words and phrases: Fans respond more to simple language.
  9. Talk about Facebook: Facebook is the most shareable topic on Facebook (according to HubSpot research). Try to include Facebook mentions that are relevant to your brand or industry instead of just posting about Facebook generically.
  10. Use short status updates: Use 10 words or less when possible.
Doing these 10 things relentlessly will help your page grow quickly and organically.


Back It Up

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Back it up.  Simple thought and one that we’ve heard countless times when working with computers or web sites.  Back up your work.  It’s even more important when you take that first step into making a major change in Facebook.

There has been a lot of internet chatter about the new Facebook migration tool.  The problem is it doesn’t always work.

I received an e-mail today from a frantic program director.  He had done the right thing and decided to move his station page which had been built with a personal profile onto a fan page.


He didn’t back up his data.  Now its all gone.

Backup your Facebook data today.  Here’s how courtesy of Gina Trapani of Smarterware

Facebook backup utilities are scant compared to the glut of Twitter apps out there, but Social Safe ( is an Adobe AIR application that gets the job done. Social Safe costs $3 right now—so not technically free, but also not much more than a fancy cup of coffee—and it backs up your Facebook profile, friends list, photos, and photos that others have tagged with your name. (That last part is especially useful when your high school friends have gotten on the service and added class pictures with you in them.) Social Safe does not, however, back up your Facebook status stream, comments on your updates, or your wall posts.

Right now, back up.  Before you lose 5000 fans that will take you a year to build back.