Services do not matter unless they fit a need.  Here are some possible problems you face

  • You need to grow your website to meet the new goals corporate has established.  Unique user numbers are becoming as familiar to you as the old time spent listening mantra was.
  • There are not enough hours in the day to cover all that needs done.  Staffing cuts have left you almost paralyzed in your ability to get your job done as professionally as you want to do it.
  • Your station Facebook page is being run on auto pilot.  Twitter isn’t even in your thoughts.  You might not even be able to remember the last time something got posted.
  • Listeners seem more and more “disengaged” from your radio station.  You want to know what they think, but you don’t know how to go about it.
  • Somedays you feel like this, “whoever said social media was free had NO IDEA what he was talking about.”
  • You focus your attention where it can do the most good.  Social media is way down on your to do list since everyone knows you can’t make money from it and its just an expense.
  • Twitter’s a fad and will go away
  • I don’t need to be on Facebook.  That’s for kids

If any of those words echo feelings or thoughts you have, check the links at the end of the phrases.  One of our services might be able to help you.


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