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AMT-Its Not For Music Anymore

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I’m trying to remember the first time I heard that set of letters. If you’ve programmed very long you recognize AMT even if it has been a very long time since you attended an event like that

Auditorium Music Test. The process where you would recruit a group of fans to your format to a room to hear upwards of 500 hooks. Pay them. Buy them dinner. And in a week or so you’d have your musical answers

Today I’d like to suggest a new meaning for AMT. It is a new definition of what we do in programming stations and reaching audiences. When you boil down what we do in radio/media today, our job is really AMT

Acquire + Monetize Traffic.

Whether its add cume, increase TSL, add unique visitors to your website, blog, or Facebook page, AMT is a new definition for all the work that goes on in our business

If you think of it that way, you will gather a whole new appreciation for all that goes into the job.

Programmers are responsible for the acquire mode. I’ll cover the four specific areas you can use to direct your activity.

Your blog or website
Your Facebook page
Your on air product
Your rewards club (whatever name you call it)

Terrestrial radio is a far greater aggregator of traffic than any newspaper and most web sites in a market. Rather than wringing your hands, let’s use that product to improve our ability for AMT.

Our goal is to acquire bodies.  Our radio stations signals are the best place to start.