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Facebook Doesn’t Play Nice

In Facebook on September 6, 2011 by radioray1025 Tagged: , ,

A lot of radio stations work hard to increase their engagement in social media.  Frequent postings, contesting, trips, etc are all over the place in an attempt to drive up your engagement level and get into the Facebook news feed.  There is something many stations are doing that is undermining their efforts.

Turning to third party apps like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck is dangerous to your effort.

In fact, it can lower your engagement score by as much as 70%.  Here’s proof from Edge Rank Checker who analyzed more than one million posts to come up with this data.

This is another example of Facebook becoming increasingly proprietary in the way their data is used.  You’ve seen Facebook hammer away at Google+ among other competing services, blocking access and promotion.  For example, you can’t use a Google + promotion in a Facebook ad.  More and more Facebook is operating in the radio station-record company paradigm.  Block the other guys and give me the goodies.  The chart shows just how much of the goodies can be yours when you post using an authorized FB tool.

If you aren’t making the newsfeed in Facebook, it doesn’t matter what you are saying.  Think of it this way.  You are talking into a microphone who’s transmitter is off.  The newsfeed is the holy grail when it comes to Facebook.

Use third party apps like Hootsuite Tweetdeck sparingly.  Nothing beats human interaction.  At least not yet.