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Radio’s Relevance Gap With Facebook Users

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Yea but is it relevant?


Knowing what is going on in your local market is supposed to be the difference between radio and other media.  We think we know our markets best.  We think we are relevant.  We post regularly on Facebook, or Tweet like madmen.  Surely we are in the front of our markets.

Arbitron did a study recently on social media.  The gist of their conclusions was radio does a poor job. It’s understandable.  We think as BROADcasters.  Many of us have spent careers looking for the biggest possible audiences.  This social media thing is the opposite of that.  I don’t think we really get how far off target our Facebook efforts are to the real world.

Two disclaimers here.  One, the study is not a formal Arbitron study and thus has statistical issues.  Based on my observation the study is dead on target.  Two, many of the points made by the study’s author have been reiterated on this blog for the past two years.  It’s not new news and we’ve not changed our tactics.

How many people play contests on your radio stations?  Survey after survey, back when that research was commonplace, showed 3-5% of contest players was a big number for a station.  So why do stations spend as much time on Facebook as they do hyping contests?

The FB study above shows the average station gets 7% of its cume to it’s Facebook page.  Country is higher at 19%.  That number appears very generous to me, especially when you look at the cumes from PPM markets for country where FB:cume ratio of a leading country station is 2%

Here’s an experiment you can do in your market.  This exercise is NOT for the faint of heart.  You will be exposed for what you are on Facebook in this test.

Go to the ads section of Facebook as if you are going to buy an ad.  Don’t worry, you aren’t going to accidentally spend money you don’t have.  I would however cinch up your belt a bit as this experiment will be a surprise.

In the destination tab under “Design Your Ad” choose your page.  You must be an admin of your page to do this.  Skip to targeting and pick your location.  The default 50 mile radius ought to work for you.

Using the “precise interests” area, add tags similar to these:
#Country music#Country#Kenny Chesney#George Strait#Jason Aldean#Brad Paisley#Tim McGraw#Blake Shelton#Zac Brown Band#Alan Jackson#Miranda Lambert#Lady Antebellum#Luke Bryan#Eric Church#Carrie Underwood#Toby Keith#Trace Adkins#Rascal Flatts#Sugarland#Dierks Bentley#Justin Moore (singer)#Keith Urban#Brantley Gilbert#Billy Currington#Josh Turner

On the right side of the page, you’ll see the “estimated reach” of that group. Make a note of that number. Remember, these are people who have self-identified as fans of our music and artists. Now for the scary part.

Go to the Connections on Facebook area, and choose “Only people who are NOT fans of your page”

The difference in the two numbers is the “relevance gap” in the job you are doing on Facebook with country fans in your market.



Social Media Is “good”

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So how many members in your audience are on Facebook? From the looks at some of the data I’ve seen in managing a number of sites, it looks like a lot.

Then, explain the latest Pew Internet Survey released Friday which shows only abut 50% of U.S. adults are onto ANY SM site like Facebook or LinkedIn. That compares with the 90+% that use radio each week.

An even larger takeaway from the study is the satisfaction level with the social media sites. Adults said it was “good.”

Not exactly an enthusiastic response.

The number one activity on the web and the way your listeners want to connect with you is plain old fashioned e-mail. 61% of adults use e-mail everyday. That compares to 43% who use social media daily.

The Pew study claims the growth in social media is driven by SENIORS, not by the kids. Social networking among the 65+ group is up 150% in the past two years. There’s little growth in the under 30 group according to Pew.

Rate of growth is an indicator that can give you really bad direction at times. Going from a $1 profit to $2 profit is a 100% growth, while going from $100,000 to $120,000 profit is only 20%. Which would you rather have?

There’s little doubt social media is growing quickly. It looks like the law of diminishing returns is starting to catch up with the buzz. Once you have awareness and trial, increasing the usage becomes the focus. Tweets or posts about another pair of tickets or what’s up probably aren’t going to make your listeners rave. They’ll probably say their experience with you was….”good.”


Five Tactics To Improve Your Fan Page NOW

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Here’s a strategy that is GUARANTEED to improve your fan pages and increase your audience.  If you aren’t doing this start today.

Post this as a status right now on your fan page:
“The first thing I do on a Monday Morning is _______”

If you aren’t in the news feed, your page is dead.  If you want to get a great example, here’s a real life one for you.  I manage more than 20 Facebook pages.  This past week something really weird happened.  We were using the strategy of posting from our website to Facebook.  The idea was to grab the FB traffic for our money site.  Something happened in the tool we were using.  The post received 28 impressions.  The fan page has nearly 5,000 fans.  Essentially, the post was only being viewed by people coming directly to the page.  The News Feed algorithm from Facebook did not like us and didn’t share our post.

This post was dead.

Did you know that only 3% of Fans ever actually come back to your fan page?  In this example, it was more like .5%!

Try these tactics for sky high engagement:

1. Ask yes or no questions:
Example: “Yes or no do you like dogs”
For a Chinese Restaurant: “Yes or no, do you like to use Chop Sticks”

2. Post fill in the blank updates:
Example: “My favorite thing to do at 10pm is ________”

3. Ask for opinions or edgy questions:
Example: “What is wrong with this picture?”

4. Ask True or False questions:
Example: “True or False, on average 80% of start-ups fail”

5. Ask for tips:
Example: “What are your top 3 strategies to improve your Yoga workout”

Rotate these tactics and watch your engagement rise.


Ten Tried And True Facebook Tactics

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Ten quick and easy, tried and true Facebook tactics. Sometimes a brushup on the basics is a good thing.

  1. Use every status update category: Text, links, images and video. Variety increases reach and user engagement.
  2. Use the 80/20 rule: 80% of status updates should give value to the fans first, 20% of status updates can be promotional, or brand first.
  3. Post like a friend, not a brand: Humanized language gets a better response. Trademarks and press release styled writing destroy the potential for a relationship and turn fans away.
  4. Reply to fans when they comment on status updates. This encourages fans to comment more and increases the total interactions count for an update.
  5. Stop automating blog post or tweets to Facebook. Facebook is its own platform. Treat it accordingly.
  6. Break news: Announce products, sales, website poll results, event news and more. If users know your Facebook wall is the most timely source for certain news it will drive them back.
  7. Like other pages as a page: Find pages that are related to your business. Mention and thank these other pages to encourage cross promotion partnerships.
  8. Avoid complicated words and phrases: Fans respond more to simple language.
  9. Talk about Facebook: Facebook is the most shareable topic on Facebook (according to HubSpot research). Try to include Facebook mentions that are relevant to your brand or industry instead of just posting about Facebook generically.
  10. Use short status updates: Use 10 words or less when possible.
Doing these 10 things relentlessly will help your page grow quickly and organically.


Back It Up

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Back it up.  Simple thought and one that we’ve heard countless times when working with computers or web sites.  Back up your work.  It’s even more important when you take that first step into making a major change in Facebook.

There has been a lot of internet chatter about the new Facebook migration tool.  The problem is it doesn’t always work.

I received an e-mail today from a frantic program director.  He had done the right thing and decided to move his station page which had been built with a personal profile onto a fan page.


He didn’t back up his data.  Now its all gone.

Backup your Facebook data today.  Here’s how courtesy of Gina Trapani of Smarterware

Facebook backup utilities are scant compared to the glut of Twitter apps out there, but Social Safe ( is an Adobe AIR application that gets the job done. Social Safe costs $3 right now—so not technically free, but also not much more than a fancy cup of coffee—and it backs up your Facebook profile, friends list, photos, and photos that others have tagged with your name. (That last part is especially useful when your high school friends have gotten on the service and added class pictures with you in them.) Social Safe does not, however, back up your Facebook status stream, comments on your updates, or your wall posts.

Right now, back up.  Before you lose 5000 fans that will take you a year to build back.


Writing A Facebook Post That SELLS

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How many times have you read the admonition to not sell on Facebook?  While it’s true an overt sales message won’t make your users news feed as often as say a post about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, you CAN write a Facebook post that sells.  You just need a little cleverness to do the product endorsement without sounding like a shill for a product.

Two of the very best air talent I’ve seen at producing these posts are KEZ, Phoenix afternoon host Kevin Gossett and KFRG, Riverside talent Heather Froglear.  Let them explain how they approach this tricky pitch.

Here’s one of Kevin’s tweets captured in Google Buzz

Kevin Gossett – Twitter – Public
kevingossett: Just found out you can text REDBOX to 50101 to get the nearest Redbox kiosk. EASY.

Two things to note here.  One the internet remembers EVERYTHING.  This post is from August, 2010.  Second is the real simple and genuine way Kevin gets the sales message in without hyping.  This approach works.

Heather absolutely ROCKS the proper way to do a selling FB post.  It doesn’t get much better.

Take a news story, gossip item or local relatable story and add your commentary or personal story to it with a “bridge” to what the listener/FB fan already hears you endorse on the radio. (IE: “Did you see Lacey Schwimmer’s roots tonight on Dancing With the Stars? OMG. Looks like I need to hook a sista up with some Ovation Cell Therapy!” or… “Playing in the K-Frog Cares Golf Classic on Monday… I’d like to thank Dr. Troy Andreasen (linked) for the fact that I no longer have to use my boobs to putt.”)

Pictures are also a great way to “sell”. For instance, if someone sees a picture of you on Facebook, and they comment, “Wow! You’ve got some big hair in that picture!” You can reply with: “I thank Ovation for this large-and-in-charge-coif.” Have fun with it! (I can’t tell you how many private messages I get after a post such as this, asking me for the clients’ number)

Always keep in mind the proper ratio of information to selling posts is about 4:1 and you are good to go.  Thanks to Heather and Kevin for their tips.


Facebook and Millennials

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There are a lot of reports about the growth of Facebook and what to do in marketing to SELL something.  If you’ve been on the fence about getting into Facebook or have given a half hearted effort toward making it go, maybe this story changes your mind.

More good news for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and not-so-great news for purveyors of traditional media: 81% of upscale Gen Yers use Facebook every day, nearly twice the number who watch TV or read newspaper content, according to a report from L2 Think Tank.

The report, based on a survey of 535 “high-achieving and high-earning” Gen Y adults (average age: 27), also shows that blogs and newspapers are both a part of their daily news mix; about half of respondents read both on a daily basis.

The parity between old and new was also underscored by another finding in report, that web sites are viewed as equally influential in shaping Gen Y sentiment, second only to friends’ opinions.

Meanwhile, the report also found that 42% of millennials are watching TV programs online, while 27% watch movies online.

Other findings:

  • 63% use social media to engage with brands and more than 50% say that Facebook, blogs and brand videos affect their opinions about products.
  • 24 hours prior to being polled, 56% of respondents had watched a video on YouTube; 19% on Hulu and 13% on a mobile device.
  • Men and women in the group chose The New York Times as their favorite newspaper/magazine, followed by The Wall Street Journal and The Economist, in both cases.
  • Men chose The Office as their favorite TV show, while women preferred Modern Family.
  • Apple topped the list of the “last prestige brand purchase” for men and women.

The data from this report is 90 days old.  Does anyone think the numbers have gone DOWN?