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Why Is Your Station on Facebook, Anyway?

In Facebook on October 27, 2011 by radioray1025 Tagged: ,

why is your station on Facebook anyway?Why are you on Facebook?

I was thinking about this while reading and researching the latest and greatest “tools” for building Facebook fan pages. I get why marketers of products are interested in Facebook. They have stuff to sell. They want people to buy their e-books, their videos, even their shoes (Zappos).

It has been said many times if you want to know why something happens, follow the money. Eventually it will get you the answer. I get why businesses want to be there–to be “publishers”. They are looking to move products and make money. Or they are presenting a behind the scenes look at their products.

Many of these producers are using their pages to highlight stories written about them in other publications.

But what does a radio station do with Facebook? And why are you spending the time there? You aren’t selling anything on line. The exception being the “daily deal” products which almost universally have crummy response rates. You don’t own the database involved with Facebook. It belongs to Mark Zuckerberg.

So why are you there and what do you want to accomplish from the “bigger mission” (add listeners; add revenue).

Take a couple of deep breaths and answer the question to clear the fog of war.