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I Are A Social Media Expart And A Wal Mart Greeter At Night

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Have you noticed how many results you get now for “Social Media Experts?”  They are coming out of the freaking woodwork.  Anyone who has posted a web page in the past 10 years is now an expert.  About a year and a half ago I posted this about SM experts. Today, I googled the phrase and got nearly 1.2 million results

At the Albright and O’Malley pre-CRS seminar, I talked about the lunacy of this number.  Facebook started in 2004.  Twitter in 2006.  Google itself is only a little over 10 years old.  Experts?

Here’s my question.  Many readers to this blog have operated either Music Master or Selector for years as the primary methods of producing music logs for their stations.  What if I grabbed someone who liked music, let them lose with this software for a year or two and then anointed them an expert?  Crazy right?  I’m not letting anyone near my music scheduling system till I know for sure.

So why do we let our web guys and publicists run social media?  The answer is simple.  They said they could do it.  The price was right.  And anyone can do Facebook.  Right?

Proper use of this tool is for building communities.  Something publicity and web designers are likely to know little or nothing about.  The people that build communities best are the programmers of radio stations.  The problem is a time and resources issue.  I can solve those issues.

Nashville has had a new kind of gold rush in the last three years.  The rush of people who claim social media expertise without ever really talking to a listener or a concert goer.   Building communities from your social media has never been more important.  Getting people who know how is even more critical.

Dan Halyburton of McVay Media said it best.  “Maybe we need to start spending a little more money building our digital presence and a little less on ratings.”