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Make It Personal To Hit The NewsFeed

In Facebook on July 13, 2011 by radioray1025 Tagged:

Which of these posts in the most interactive?

Or this one

If you picked the first one, congratulations.  According to studies from Buddy Press when it comes to posting, particularly by brands like radio stations, the personal touch is a whole lot more meaningful in getting your posts picked up in your fans news feeds.  We’ve talked about before getting in the news feed is the primary way you get seen on Facebook.  Your own page doesn’t drive nearly the views news feed gets.

A second factor in getting in news feeds are photos.  Those are more likely to be get in feeds, and more likely to be shared.

We’ve been working on a page of photos you can use with fairly unlimited use as far as licenses are concerned.  Many artist photos shared by fans on Flickr or on the artists own official Facebook pages are fair game.

You’re more than welcome to grab these photos and links to use on your own sites.  Of course, if you have a blanket license like a Getty Images agreement or, you’ll be using those anyway.  Sometimes, just posting a photo or two can aid you in getting better results from Facebook.