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Dip Your Hose In The Stream

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At SocialRadioPros, we’ve talked long and loud about the need for using Facebook as a PRIMARY marketing effort for your radio station.  Most radio companies have barely brushed the surface (and that’s giving a brush a bad name).  The reality is most companies are fortunate to have a program director, promotions person, or other staffer who is a Facebook fan and wants to give the station access to the platform.

Most are clueless in what to do.  Most cause TOS violations.  Most don’t know you can’t run a contest completely on Facebook.  (whoops, that’s technically wrong.  You CAN run a contest on Facebook if you have an Ad manager.  That will cost you $30,000 or more, so as far as radio is concerned, that ain’t happening.)

So what do you need to know to get some of this traffic. The internet game is ALL ABOUT THE TRAFFIC.  Side note, would you pay $9.72 for an additional cume of 75,000?  I did using SRP techniques.

First, create interesting content.  The weather for the day is not content.  Neither are the stupid contests you see ALL over Facebook from radio.  Ask yourself a question with your listener hat on.  Do you REALLY believe a listener is going to tune in your station based on a contest that may happen sometime in the next couple of hours?

Give me a break.

Watch your posts for comments.  If you are getting some, you are making relevant and interesting posts.  If you are not, getting comments, SRP can help you by showing you the right way to post and how to track those posts.

If you stopped at “track”, we really need to talk.  We’ll cover the second part of what you need to do in a later post.
Here’s a stat that should get your attention and that of your market manager and sales manager.  Research shows that 51% of people who “fan” a Facebook page are more likely to buy that brand.

OK, so what does that mean to us in radio.

Its about using our influence.  Its about using our talent to refer listeners to advertisers and use the trust we have gained to benefit those who do business with us.  Radio must get in the referral and lead business.

Digital products have gained in popularity not because they are cheap, but because they are trackable.  Radio sells ears.  Digital sells actions.  The sooner we figure out how to charge for actions, the quicker we will get in the digital mainstream.  Banner ads for eyeballs is only a small fraction of the money available in digital.  Actions are where the money is.

If you are interested, SocialRadioPros has a precise step by step method of showing you how to build your Facebook presence so you can get at that money today.  The method and product is free.

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Growth of Facebook stuns consumer researchers

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The recently completed CMA consumer study was abundantly clear in online attitudes. Three in five country music partisans go online and consume country music products. The biggest growth in consumption–Facebook.

Only 20 country music radio stations have any kind of significant presence on Facebook. One of the comments heard in the hallways of CRS was the concern that promotion of Facebook would take away from a station website. Daniel Anstandig, of McVay New Media, hammered this idea as highly incorrect. Anstandig has completed a large amount of testing on this idea. He commented that for every one person you send out of the site using social media, there are four new incoming users to your site.

Facebook growth in the comparison of the two studies showed growth of 40+% in just a little over a years time. Yet, even with all the growth, radio stations remain unconvinced of the power of social media. An issue that remains for the stations is the ability to consistently produce compelling content for web sites and for Facebook.

Facebook is where the traffic is. Most station web sites are “dead ends, or destinations.” Using Facebook effectively can grow your web sites and satisfy your core listeners. With the pressure on time and content, most stations are hamstrung by what to do next.

Using an experienced outside company who has Facebook expertise, allows stations to satisfy their core listeners at the lowest possible expense.


1% Of My Audience Is Better Than Yours

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The web is a different place for broadcasters. Its exactly opposite of what we have been doing our entire careers. Instead of trying to get huge numbers of people to “listen” to the station and respond, we are now looking for the hyper fan. The ability to energize and activate the fan to action is what will be the measure of success.

I’ve seen this question in research many times in the past. The “new” term for it on the web is Net Promoter scores. I’d have to credit the question to Larry Rosin at Edison Research from the broadcast side. Are you listeners so “into” your station that they actively promote it to others? Do they give you a 9 or 10 on the “how likely are you to tell others about the station” question?

Identifying that group of promoters and focusing efforts and energy on them will pay off big. If 1% of your cume is a 9 or 10, you will win. Are there 1% in your VIP club or on Facebook or Twitter? If not, how many would give you a 9 or 10? Your success depends on it. Read more about what goes into Net Promoter scores here.

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Jargon of Social Media

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Jargon.  The unique language used to indicate supreme command of the facts.  The words used by insiders who “get” it.  Like this: There are three strategies that you can implement today that will make an immediate measurable difference in the audience engagement of your digital strategy.  Now that’s a sentence loaded with jargon.  Sounds good, means little.

The jargon meets the road when it comes time to execute.  There ARE three strategies that will work for you.  They are simple.  They are easy.  Then there is an issue.  They require time and people.   We covered the first strategy, “Listening” in an early article.   Strategy number two.


Social media gives radio a chance to be old school again.  Remember, when we used to answer the phone.  Remember when it was fashionable to do live broadcasts–not table and tent “remotes”.  Now with social media, we have the chance to do those high touch programs again.  Only this time, it can be a bit more “one to many” versus “one to one.”   The problem comes in scaling the people and resources to listen.  On air staffs have been trained to think their job is talking over records and making funny observations.  Program Directors can’t keep up with the work they have.  While we may want to listen, we may even know how to listen, we don’t have the opportunity to respond.

Response is a critical function in social media.  Deepening the engagement is the reason for the time and energy spent in the social space.  Falling short of the engagement will be allowing your competition, I’m not talking about other stations, to clean your clock.  They put listening and response high on their parameters of importance.  We spent time playing Arbitron games in a business that has falling revenue and is seen by many advertisers as a waste of time and money.

Listen and respond will reinvigorate your on air sound.  It will improve your listener focus.  Your audience engagement levels will improve.  Your ability to defend your space against those who will take from you is enhanced.  All you have to do is listen and respond.

Pretty old school stuff for such a new technology.  The strategy for making it work is very different than answering the phone.  Getting a social media expert who also knows their way around AQH, Cume, TSL, ATE, CPP, etc is gold.

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