What We Do For Stations

The problems in the digital space for stations are:

  1. No time
  2. No people
  3. No money
  4. Know how

Here’s our statement of purpose and how SRP will work with you in the digital social media space

  • Our goal is to respond to every posting or tweet personally within 59 minutes of the post time.
  • We will also Post and tweet activities of interest to the station listeners based on the station web site 5 times each day.  (300 tweets/posts per month)
  • We will provide activities, contests and promotions, that will help grow the stations database and take no air time.
  • We will be an add on engagement process.  The station will retain control over its Facebook and Twitter accounts at all times.
  • We will not supplant the personality of the station.  We are an add on and another way to add engagement
  • We are for stations who want activity in the digital space and don’t know how, or don’t have the time or people to accomplish it
  • We will post items of interest to the life group working to build the stations traffic to their website

SRP is the answer to working in social media for stations and clusters without the time, people, or expertise to connect with their listeners online.  We use proprietary monitoring products developed to monitor all social activity for the station.  We use dedicated online community managers who have radio experience and training to manage the activity.

You want to build relationships with your audience that will mean ratings and revenue growth at an affordable cost, SRP is the company to choose.


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