Most Interesting Station in the World

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There is one key to success in social media for anyone. This key is exactly the same whether you are Ashton Kutcher or a small radio station in the middle of nowhere.

The focus of your social media efforts needs this one item. The problem is the difficulty in determining what that is. Its somewhat like defining what a “hit” is, or making something “go viral.” The definition is dependent on the beholder. What’s good for me, might not be good for you.

Fortunately, the idea is captured completely in the commercial for the beer brand Dos Equis. The “most interesting man in the world” drinks the beer. We don’t know what gave him the title. If you haven’t seen the commercial, I’ve linked to it on the page. This commercial grabs the essence of success in social media. Be interesting.

After watching the commercial, I’m struck the man doesn’t “do” anything to be interesting. He just “is.” The problem with that admonition is most don’t have the time to find interesting, much less post it.

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